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Enjoy high intensity lessons with advanced technique refinement

Service Description

Increase your stamina and stroke technique! If you’re just starting to compete, or looking to jump to a higher level, we can help you. We have a group of cherry-picked coaches that can seamlessly supplement your current training program and give you quality time working on your technique, something that you often don’t get time to do within large groups.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • Amsterdam Het Marnix

    Marnixplein 1, 1015 ZN Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Amsterdam Sportplaza Mercator

    Sportplaza Mercator, Jan van Galenstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Haarlem

    Donkere Spaarne 52, 2011 JH Haarlem, Netherlands


  • Assendelft

    Rode Ring 34, 1566 HR Assendelft, Netherlands


  • Diemen

    Ouderkerkerlaan 10, 1112 BE Diemen, Netherlands


  • Duration Varies
  • 29.95 euros
  • Amsterdam Het Marnix|Amsterdam Sportplaza Mercator|Haarlem|Assendelft|Diemen

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