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Seac Shuttle

Colour: nero/azzurro sport
Brand: SEAC
Material: Silicon
Closure type: Pull-on

Seac Shuttle are short fins for swimming 100% silicone designed in two different hardnesses, for strength training (Sport execution) or cardio training (Power version).
The Sport version is ideal for beginners, especially for muscle strength training or swimmers of intermediate level. The swimmer benefits from strengthening the upper legs, buttocks, calves and lumbar region. This will bring benefits to more intense workouts.
The power version is designed for advanced swimmers for long and intensive training and improves pedal frequency and cardio resistance.
100% undeformable silicone structure. The Seac Shuttle short fins never lose their shape memory and are not affected by pool chlorine or sea water.
Thanks to the soft blade, the ankle and the neck of the foot can bend well, pushing maximum force to the tips. This design allows the full surface of the Seac Shuttle swimming fins to be utilised.

Seac Shuttle

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